The right pair of shoes can make all the difference when it comes to completing a look. No matter what your wardrobe costs, if paired with the right shoes, everything looks high quality. But before you buy that next bright, shiny pair…do you have all your basics covered? Every mama should make sure her go-to-basics are there, ready to go at all times.

Knee High Boots:

I’m a boot girl.  I could own 20 pairs and wear them all.  So, it surprises me when someone says they don’t own any.  Really, you need a pair of boots!  A pair of knee high boots is both practical (for warmth) and stylish. They come in lots of colors but I find I wear my black and brown boots more often than any others, as they look great with skirts, dresses and jeans and the black ones can be worn with any color of clothing and accessories.



You need a good pair of stylish walking flats. Do not skimp here buying a cheap pair – you need a good, supportive shoe that will allow you to run all over town.


Fashion Sneakers:

A true gift from the footwear gods. They boast the comfort of an athletic shoe, but instantly add street style to casual Friday or weekend wear. Sneakers go with everything, and they are chic as hell. Keep them clean, otherwise the effect of your style statement will be lost.


Ankle Boots:

Your ankle boots can & should we worn all year. Great with boyfriend jeans & cut-offs alike, they’re the most versatile shoe you will ever own.


Casual Sandals:

I find these extremely handy for the beach, but also just when you need a pair of simple shoes for the summer. They can be any kind you want — plastic, leather, however you like it, and any colour you like. Instead of always picking black though, why not try a metallic sandal? Gold, silver, bronze.. those are dressier colours but the function of the flip flop stays the same.


Dressy Sandals: 

Pick something that works for you and is comfortable. I like the idea of a slightly dressier sandal that you wouldn’t wear to the beach (something fiddly with straps, or maybe a slight heel) because you could wear it in summer without having to resort to heels or something ‘nicer’ to wear on the weekends when you don’t want to feel like a beach bum, nor do you want to wear covered shoes.



Whatever “you can walk in” means to you, buy a pair of heels for this. They’re handy for interviews, events, dressier nights out for those rare occasions you do need to dress up, and anything in between. Make sure it’s in a closed toe style as that is the most versatile because it’s the most formal. 


Rain Boots:

Rain boots have come a long way in the fashion world. You no longer need to sacrifice style for practicality. Brighten up your rainy days with a pair of stylish puddle jumpers. Just add your favorite pair of leggings and a long sweater and you’re ready for whatever water adventure the day has in store for you. Just don’t forget to pack an umbrella!


~ Desi Chic Mama



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