We live in a culture that constantly persuades us to buy and to accumulate more and more stuff. But when it comes to clothes, no matter how full our closets are, we often complain that we “have nothing to wear.”

That’s because we often confuse fashion with style. And up until my late 20’s I too was confused. I would see the latest trends and what my favourite celebrities were wearing and feel the need to buy similar things to add to my wardrobe. As I matured and gained confidence within myself, my body image, and my beauty as an individual, I realized the way I had been dressing was a far cry from the person that I was on the inside or the image of myself that I wanted to portray to the world. The revelation was a life changing experience in terms of my taste and my style. I now felt in full control of my personal environment.


What is Style?

Style is the ability to distinctively sort through your closet, make a selection and do so in a way that is in keeping with how you see yourself…it is a reflection of your personality. With your style, you stamp your personal identity and show the world who you are. Your closet is always full of possibilities – it just depends on what aspect of your identity you want to highlight through clothes each and every day.


The Significance of Style

Style is important, often undervalued because it is so widely misunderstood. Style is what we really want when we say we want to be fashionable. Style delights because it is always fresh, creative, and is a novelty. It gives hints about your personality, it is a form of self expression. It is a reflection of your unique complexity as a human being.

Are they not just clothes?

Style is more than just clothes. It is an excursion into self knowledge and self confidence expressed through what you choose to wear. It is a life affirming expression of your character and human spirit. That’s one reason why it is an invaluable tool in moving through the world, whether it’s social or the business world. It communicates that you are on top of things – the kind of person you want to have around for almost any task. Your style, therefore, is persuasive all by itself, before you open your mouth or present your credentials.


The Final Word

Fashion is a complete reflection of what is currently going on in our society while style zeros in on each individual and reflects what is going on with each person. Fashion is in the clothes while style is in the wearer. However, like fashion, style is also not stagnant. As you evolve as a person, your life experiences, your likes and dislikes..they all evolve as well and so your style will reflect those personal growths. Fashion is restrictive, so go ahead and liberate yourself with your personal style.


~ Desi Chic Mama


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